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Here you will find answers to most common questions regarding accessing and enjoying our website. If you can't find the right answer here, we'll be happy to assist you, but please do read the following before contacting us.

Log-in Problems

I get an error message when I try to log in!
Several things can cause this. The most common is typing an inCorrecT case in your useRname or passwOrd. Usernames and password are caSe SensiTivE, so user: "JaneDoe" is not the same as user: "janedoe".
Please make sure you are typing your username and password exactly as you entered them when you signed up. Check your subscription receipt if you are not sure.

Disable anonymizing software and proxies, and do not use anonymizing services! Programs such as Norton Internet Security or Atguard Privacy Software or Safeweb might be considered hostile by our server's security system and block your access.

I get and "OOPs!" page when I try to log-in.
Our server security system monitors hacker attempts and account abuse and might block you for the following reasons:

  • You have tried to log-in unsuccessfully too many times within a short time. This will cause your account to be blocked for a short time, after which it will automactically reset.

  • Your username has been logged from multiple IP addresses simultaneously or within a short time; especially IP addresses from different countries. Remember: sharing your log-in is a violation of our AUP! Your membership is for your use only. Shared accounts will be automatically blocked, and may be deleted. Please read our Terms & Conditions if you have questions.

  • You are using download accelerators or "bots" to download most or all of our site. Please don't do that! It is a violation of our AUP and just plain not nice. Such software works by opening many simultaneous connections to our server, creating huge server loads and interfering with other members. When our security system detects such activity, your account will be blocked.


Registration is required to leave comments, add or remove favorites, or manage your Assets. You should be registered by default whenever you log-in; you will know you are if you see the Welcome message with your username at upper left.

However, if your browser has a problem with cookies, if you clear your cookies, or if you unregister with the Forget Me link, you will have to use the Remember Me link to register again. Simply leaving the Member's Area and logging back in will not re-register you.

Viewing Our Videos

Having trouble watching the videos?
Our videos are optimized for fast connections and systems running Win XP or Mac OSX. People with modern computers and a decent connection should have no trouble watching the videos. We offer videos in two formats: Window Media (.wmv) and MP4 h.264 for Quicktime, in addition to our embedded Flash videos. These formats are the most common and provide the best quality for a given file size. Players are available for both these formats for either Windows PC's or Macs.

We do not recommend Apple's QuickTime Player; it makes video look washed out compared to other players and we think our work deserves better than that.

If you need a good, versatile, free video player, we suggest VLC Media Player. It come in versions for both Mac and Windows and plays almost all video formats, including FLVs. If you need to get it or another player, they are available for free here:
All our videos can be downloaded. To download a video, choose the desired file format and:
  • Windows: [right-click the link] => ["Save File As"]
  • Mac: [control-click and hold] => ["Download Link to Disk"]
Save the video to your hard-drive and then open it in the appropriate viewer.

NOTE: WMV is a streaming format; Quicktime videos should be downloaded before being viewed. Slow or unreliable connections can cause streaming or downloading to fail; this can be a problem particularly for users outside of North America. If you have trouble downloading or viewing our videos, make sure your connection is working well and disable firewalls that might be interfering with the download. Antivirus software can also disrupt downloading; try disabling it while you watch or download the video (our site is guaranteed to be free of malicious code). Try getting the video at a different time - peak traffic times, either with our server or your ISP can cause problems downlaoding or viewing videos. If you have intractible problems viewing our videos, please complete and send our Video Support Form and we will do our best to help you resolve the problem.

What about iPod or iPhone videos?
We don't support videos for iPods, iPhones, or other mobile devices, and we have no plans to. If you are going to watch our videos, we expect your undivided attention! And we think they deserve to be seen on a decent size display, not on some tiny, overpriced, beeping little toy. Come on people, seriously...

If you wish to test the compatibility of our videos with your computer, please try out our free flash video trailers accessible from our Videos Page, and you may play or download this short WMV Test Video, and this MP4 (h.264) Test Video. If these videos play corectly on your system, you should have no trouble at all with the videos in our Member's Area.

Flash Videos

Flash videos not working?

We encode all our Flash video for Flash 8. If you are using a older version, you should upgrade. Flash generally works pretty well in most browsers on most systems, but problems and incompatibilities do occur. We test our Flash videos in IE6 and 7, and FireFox 2 and 3, both for Win XP. They should work for Safari and Opera as well and on Macs as well as PCs, but we have seen problems on Macs using Safari. Because of all the complexities of browers, operating systems, and Flash versions, we cannot troubleshoot Flash problems for you. All we can recommend is using a recent version and trying IE, if you can.

Viewing Our Site

Grainy Pics, Slow Loading, & Zipless Zips

We have built and tested this site primarily for IE and Firefox, and while we do our best to keep it code compliant and ensure it displays properly in other browsers, we cannot quarantee it will always do so. The browser wars continue, introducing new problems with every new version. In our opinion, IE is the best and most reliable browser out there, regardless of the predudice against it in some circles. FireFox is adequate but is slow and full of quirks (not to say bugs) that can cause pages to render in ways we did not intend. Safari, Opera, and other browsers should be OK, but we do not regurlarly test our site in these, and do not make any claims about them. Until the browser people get their act together and agree of rational standards as opposed to fighting over them, viewing problems will become more, not less common. We have kept this site as "vanilla" as possible to avoid such issues, and you have the option of turning the flashy stuff off ( see "My Stuff" ) but you are best off viewing in our site in IE7 under Win XP.

Most common viewing problems, however, are due to browser settings, not the browser. Some browsers can be set to automatically resize images to fit the screen or speed up download time. As our images are very large, having this setting turned on will make our images look horrible. If you have this setting enabled, you should turn it off! To do this:
  • In IE: click [Tools] => [Internet Options] => [Advanced] => [Multimedia] => [un-check "automatic image resizing"]
  • In AOL's Browser: [settings within your AOL browser] => [preferences] => [internet properties (www)] => [web graphic tab on top] => ["never compress graphics"]
In other browsers, see the documentation.

Image viewing problems can also arise from improper "Color Depth" settings. This should not be a problem on any modern system, as is has been many years since computer's default video settings were 16-bit (or even 8-bit) color. Nevertheless, if you think you have a problem, ensure that your video is set a either 24-bit or 32-bit color. Also make sure your video display is set to at least 1024x768 pixels; 1280x1024 is prefered.
To change your video settings in Windows:

  • Open [Control Panel] => [Display] => [Settings] and set video card to the highest possible color depth (24 or 32 bits) and the display to 1024x768 or higher.

Slow Going

Our site is based is based on PHP, the most common platform for dynamic sites. PHP is very flexible and powerful, but doesn't load as fast as old-fashioned static HTML. If our server is especially busy, you may see delays or incomplete page loads. Usually, hitting refresh solves the problem. If you experience consistent problems though, contact us here.

Zipless Zips

We offer zip archives of all our photo sets to members. These archive files are created by our server on the fly, so if the server is overloaded, generating zip archives may be slow or fail. Trying again a short while later usually works. Zip archive support is native to Windows 98 and later versions, but if you need software to handle zip files go to: A common problem with downloading or extracting zip files - getting empty zip files, for instance - is the local firewall (either hardware or software). Check the firewall settings and make sure downloading zip files is allowed. Also check your browser security settings if you continue to have problems.

Acceptable Use Policy  
Refund Policy  
Model for Us  
Contact Info  


If you want to want to cancel your membership, please visit CCBill's Customer Service website: You may cancel at any time. Canceling on-line is easy, fast, and secure. Once you cancel you will still have complete access for the remainder of your subscription period.

You may also visit CCBill's website to:
  • Check your membership status
  • Retrieve your password
  • Update your credit card information
If you have other questions about your membership, CCBill also offers 24/7 email and phone support 365 days a year. When contacting them, please provide our site name "X-muse", your username and subscription number (included in the email receipt sent to you when you subscribed). If you have lost that info, don't worry! CCBill can find your subscription based other info they will request from you (e.g. your name, email address, or credit card number).

CCBill Customer Service:
Phone: 1-888-596-9279
(NOTE: do not send your credit card details via email)
Fax: 480-449-8820


Using Our Site: Do's & Don'ts

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

We value our members highly and want each and everyone of them to get the maximum enjoyment out of their membership, so to keep thngs fair we have to have a few rules. The first and foremost is that your subscription to X-muse is for you alone and cannot be shared, transferred, or resold. We don't mind if the odd person watches over your shoulder (if you don't) but you cannot share your username and/or password, post it to your favorite free password site, or otherwise make it public. Sharing your log-in amounts to theft, so please be nice. If you do share it, we will notice and your membership will be terminated without recourse or refund.

Please note that you are limited to 5 GBytes of downloading every 24 hours. If you exceed this limit, your account will be blocked for 24 hours. This limit should be more than enough X-muse for anyone in a day, so please don't be greedy!

We also not allow members to use any download accelerators, scripts, "bots", or related technology to download or harvest material from our site. Members employing such techniques will be blocked and repeated violations will result in your account being terminated without refund. Automated applications and/or scripts intended to download all the content form our site are STRICTLY PROHIBITED, and using them will result in account termination without notice or refund.

We require that you are familiar with your local community standards and that you have determined that it is legal where you are to view and possess pictures and video of naked women, who may or may not being doing naughty things. If you are breaking the Law by visiting our site, we can't do a thing for you and we bear no responsibility whatever for your sins. So don't.

Lastly, we expect and require everyone to respect our copyright. All materials on this site are protected by Federal copyright and under treaty provisions and worldwide laws. Make sure you read our Terms and Conditions for all the gory details.

Getting a Refund

What if you think we suck?

We would, in that case, be very very sorry. We've done our best to give you full value for your membership dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen, or whatever, and to make availalbe enough free content to give you a good idea you what to expect when you join, but if you think we've failed and you want your money back, the answer is probably... no. Not always or invariably no, but usually, once you have entered the member's area, we can't extend a refund. However, we do understand that things happen and will consider polite and sincere requests. But if our logs show that you spent a week downloading gigs of our content and then you write to tell us that it wasn't what you were looking for, and we suck, and you want your money back, that isn't going to happen. And not only isn't it going to happen, we're also going to tell your mother.

For those of you who were unable to access the member's area, or have another legitimate reason, email us to request a refund.


Maintaining your privacy

We do. We deal with CCBill because we know they will also. For the details, see our Privacy Policy. Go here to read CCBill's Privacy Policy.

Terms & Conditions

We know everyone ignores these, but please make an exception for us! While you are at it, you should read CCBill's Terms & Conditions also.

2257 Notice

If you don't know what that is, good for you. To make it short and sweet, we are exempt and exactly what sort o' Girls do you take us for? To make it legal, see our Title 18 U.S.C. Section 2257 Notice.


Support X-muse & Make $$$

Yes, we do have an affiliate program for X-muse, and we are working on spiffy name and a uber-kewl logo to go with it! In the meantime, if you would like to sign-up as an affiliate, write us for details and if you and cool and sign up, we promise to love you forevah! If you want banners or other blingie stuff, just contact us and we'll give you something.

But to be honest, banners may be pretty ( at least we think ours are! ) but they don't incite people to click much. A nice juicy text link often does better -- we'll be happy to provide some pre-juiced examples! -- and if you actually put up a post about us, that does even better!

But just when you thought we were about to ask for something for nothing, here's another deal: send us 500 clicks from your site -- unique clicks, so you don't have worry about CTS -- and we'll give you a free month's membership!

Send us 1000 unique clicks and we'll give you 3 months free!

Just email us your site name and let us know you're linking to us and we'll enroll you in our "Clicks4 ... well, You Can Guess" program.


Take Your Clothes Off, Be Inspiring, & Get Paid

If you think you have what it takes to be an X-Muse, feel free to contact us. Being an X-Muse is fun and rewarding but not easy! We look for the most exceptional women -- the ones who can truly move and inspire us and our members. Experience counts but is not everything: some X-muses have spent years in front of the camera; others never set foot in front of one before we met them.

Yes, you will have to get naked -- all-the-way full-Monty oh-my-Goodness "Bar'Ass" naked! No just topless or implied nudity here. We prefer women who are either roughly local (though the miracle of air travel means we can expand the definition of "local" significantly) and are open to long-term working relationship with us. We don't do the fly-by-night love-em&leave-em blink&you-missed-it thing. We want to wring ... um... exploit ... ahh... collaborate with you to the maximum extent possible!

So if you believe (you gotta Really Really Believe or kiss Lil' Miss T-Bell G'Bye!) you're Genuine Grade-A Muse-Material email us! Knock our socks off and we'll make you a star... or better yet, an X-Muse!


Can't Find Your Answer Here?

If you can't find the answers you're looking for on this page, we're here to help! Please use the appropriate contact form to access our user-friendly liveware. We'll get back to you ASAP (which usually means within 24-hrs unless we're with Betcee in Ibiza, in which case you may be on your own).