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Angela Ryan - X-muse.net
angela ryan
    Muse of Latex & Lace
    Lives on: Dom Perignon with her Mac & Cheese
    Age: 2,625
    Sign: 'Prepare For Take-Off'
Champagne with a Texas twist. Elegant sassiness defines this a thoroughly modern retro rockabilly doll and latex loving Burlesque Bombshell. Angela Ryan is everyone's favorite saucy-eyed fetishy femme fatale.


MSa Degree -- Mistress of Salacious Arts -- with Honors from the Libertine Academy's Institute of Advanced Studies.

Known for:

Being no longer welcome in certain locales because her Burlesque routine Burning Down the House, did.

Visit AngelaRyan.com

Angela Ryan's Comrade in Arms:

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The Couch

Her Private Headspace

Rouge et Noir Redux

Apples Galore

Rouge et Noir


Rouge et Noir

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge