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Betcee May - X-muse.net
betcee may
    Muse of Dreams
    Born in: A barn on 15 acres of daises
    Age: 2,625
    Sign: 'Know Thyself'
Soft, erotic, enigmatic, demure, dynamic, creative, bold, multi-dimensional, dancing, prancing, laughing, twirling, whirling, real-life pixie. Unpretensious Goddess with ocean-deep eyes. Betcee is a beautifully poetic contradiction sweeping up all in her passionate wake.


Details obscure due a bizarre incident in which Yale, Harvard, MIT and the Sorbonne declared open war on each other over which institution she was going to attend, even though she hadn't actually applied to any of them. Peacekeepers were called in to restore order. It is rumored that the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study has her name on a office next to Einstein's to impress visiting dignitaries.

Known for:

Becoming the youngest Chef ever at a landmark New Orleans restaurant;
Being an internationally published model whose hands alone are worth $6,000 per hour;
Sticking a 9-mm Glock in Robert Downey Jr's pants while kissing him;
Spending two weeks on a yacht owned by the Cuervo family in the Sea of Cortez with two Girlfriends and one of the most famous fashion photographers in the world - Had a complaint lodged against her by the Mexican Gov't because local fishermen were being blinded by her beauty when she swam naked.

Betcee May's Partner in Crime:

Sarah Ellis


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