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Kymberly Jane - X-muse.net
kymberly jane
    Muse of Rampant Ephemeral Lusts
    Lives in: shiny chaos with her bunny and 763 pairs of shoes
    Age: 2,642
    Sign: 'Slippery when Wet'
The cutest little maelstrom you ever met. The most delightfully wicked, devastatingly sexy little cherry bomb that ever landed on the hood of your car. The avatar of a 7th-Level Chaos Imp in the Pantheon of Dazzling Divinities Most Likely to Steal Your Left Shoe. Kymberly Jane is the kind of person you would catch eating the last of your chocolate-chip ice-cream straight out of the freezer naked at 2 AM, and you would not have known except that you heard her giggling.


Graduated Magna cum Loudly from USC

Known for:

Throwing a cherry bomb into the air at a 4th of July celebration that landed on an LAPD squad car, with the cops still in it. Fined $1000. Court accepted her smile as payment.

Kymberly Jane's Main Flame:

Betcee May


Ms. Chevious

Rhizomes & Lust

Naughty or Nice?

Sweetness & Light

Something I said?

The Gentleman's Relish

Nights in White Satin

The Hunt Becomes Her