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 x-muse: sex chaos inspiration
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Minx - X-muse.net
    Muse of Shadowy Desires
    Lives in: a gated suburb of the Heart of Darkness
    Age: 2,724
    Sign: 'Danger! High Voltage!'
Intriguing, enticing, multifaceted, musical, Sartre-loving Nature-adoring exhibitionist. A devotee of dark desires, Minx will haunt your dreams and harrow -- yes, harrow -- your very soul...


This gorgeous classically trained pianist has her BA in Anthropology and a Master's Degree in Environmental Science, so you better watch out! If this hottie leaves a lump of coal in the your Xmas stocking you'll never be carbon neutral again!

Known for:

Stripping in elevators and dancing on roller skates naked.

Minx's Prime Paramour:



Tit for Tat



Mail-Order Bride


All is Vanity


A Symmetry

Minx on Minx

Minx Assets

On the Console

Fewer Photos


Fuck w/ Your Brain

Minx on Minx

Minx Assets