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 x-muse: sex chaos inspiration
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Nicotine - X-muse.net
    Muse of Fervid Desires
    Known as: The Great Attractress
    Age: 2,523
    Sign: 'Caution: Strong Magnetic Fields'
A graceful, exqusite, charming, lavish, startling, alluring, luscious, carnal cutie with an insatiable appetite for for fetish fantasies. Nicotine the X-muse is healthy addiction.


Awarded Highest honors from the Kensington Institure of Neo-Kinetics: B.Ad in animated suspension; M.Ss in Sisalology. Working on her doctorate in Corporal Punishment.

Known for:

The wickely awesome and very kinky events she produces.

Nicotine's Boon Companion:



Sinner's Kitchen

Dzerhinsky's Dilemna