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Sarah Ellis - X-muse.net
Sarah Ellis
    Muse of Rapture*
    Lives on: 250 acres of self-made paradise
    Age: 2,726
    Sign: 'May Cause DIZZINESS'
Brilliant joyful dazzling unassuming adorable rhapsodic genius whose beguiling beauty illuminates the darkest recesses, banishing desolation and gloom with the sheer intensity of her smile, even as she astonishes you with the depth and power of her erudition. A delightful down-to-earth deity who epitomizes Eros as Plato understood the term, Sarah Ellis travels the world spreading 13,000 species of inspiration.


Master's degrees in Bio-physics and Engineering. Currently redefining the field of medicine at the nation's top medical school.

Known for:

The astounding happiness that abides wherever she goes. Persons so exposed report episodes of dizziness recurring in most cases for at least several months, but they do not complain about them.

* Moonlights as the Muse of Lolcats; sister of the Great God Noms.

Sarah Ellis's Comrade in Arms:

Betcee May



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