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 x-muse: sex chaos inspiration
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Tehanu - X-muse.net
    Muse of Intrigue & Allure
    Sleeps in: the boughs of a wind-tossed cypress, over-hanging a cliff
    Age: 2,742
    Sign: 'Caution: Inflammable'
Passionate, intense, lyrical, ravishing artist of tone and color; a sensual huntress whose aesthetic takes no prisoners; Tehanu is a poetic seeker whose bewitching sweetness sometimes escapes in a laugh, a secret smile, a flash in dark eyes that have just scanned the bar code of your soul.


Awarded full joint scholarships at Andover Theological Seminary and Harvard Divinity School but was quietly asked to leave when her doctoral thesis proved God is a woman. Got a degree in Motion Graphics Design instead.

Known for:

Auditioning at the Met when she was 17. Turned away when Maria Callas, jealous of her postumous reputation, returned from the dead and threatened the Directors with Eternal damnation.

Tehanu's Comrade in Arms:

Sarah Ellis


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