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About X-muse

Acknowledgements: X-muse would not be possible without the help and inspiration of many people. Please read our acknowledgements.
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Here at X-muse, we do things a little bit differently. Don’t think of us as your typically mainstream site with lots and lots of nude photos and erotic video. Of course, we do have quite a bit of both, but that is beside the point.

Where we differ is, first, in the women who take part in X-muse: none of them are your typical cute girl in her late teens or early 20′s, such as you’ll find by the bushel on MetArt, FemJoy, and many other sites; or your typical young “alternative” model you’ll find on Suicide Girls or it’s many competitors.

The women who participate in X-muse are true Muses, and they are rare. Some are indeed in their early 20′s, others are approaching what for mere mortals would considered middle age, most are in between. But mere age does not matter to them, for they are not like the rest of us.

They are themselves artists, both in front of the lens and beyond it: painters, photographers, writers, musicians, singers, dancers, CG modelers, even programmers. Most are more than one of these things, many have advanced degrees, some have doctorates. Consider just some of their accomplishments:

  • An author who published her first novel at 24; it was a bestseller
  • The girl who left home at 17 and became the chef at a landmark New Orleans restaurant at 20
  • The classically trained ballerina with a Ph.D. in Japanese literature
  • The jazz singer and internationally acclaimed artist who codes in her off hours 
  • The fetish model with a Masters Degree in Environmental Management
  • The CGI environment artist and modeler who has multiple degrees, cooks and sings opera to great acclaim
  • The internationally known fashion model whose hands alone are worth over $2000/hr
  • The Doctor with a Masters in BioPhysics and Engineering
  • The globetrotting Burlesque choreographer and performer whose work is known from Berlin to Bogota

But in addition to all they’ve achieved in other walks of life, all are truly exceptional when it comes to inspiring and creating unique art; in this case, erotic art.

So you are not going to find hundreds of young women on this site. Instead you are going to find women who can express themselves erotically and artistically in hundreds of ways. So if you prefer to see hundreds of young models doing pretty much exactly the same thing photographed in pretty much exactly the same way, X-muse is probably not for you. But if you find that somewhat boring and are looking to expand your horizons and discover what is possible, both artistically and erotically, X-muse is exactly the site for you.

Next, we differ in how we select and display our work. Unlike many sites we do not post every single photo that might be considered usable by some lax standard, nor do we put up huge photos just for the sake of being able to advertise that we have huge photos. We are discriminating, not to say picky and a bit fussy and we only post what we are proud of. Nor do we post 200 images for our members that have been slapped up on deadline without any consideration of how they really look because we already have their money and we want to trumpet the vast amount of content we have, while putting that one very nicely cropped and edited image in our free area to entice the unwary. We treat all our images with respect.

This means we select only the images we think are the very best and post them, taking great care with them. There might be only a dozen or two such images; perhaps ever fewer. But we also realize that our judgement should not be imposed so strictly on our members and patrons; after all, they too are people of taste and excellent discrimination and they may not agree with us on which images are the most outstanding.

So we do post the additional images from most sets we produce in an archive, so our members can see what we thought didn’t quite make the cut and why, and perhaps disagree. As there might be dozens — even a 100 — such images, we can’t take the same exceptional care we do with our favorites and we don’t post them in the same print-quality sizes, but we do make sure they are worthy of display and we are confidant that you will find the quality of our second-best far exceeds that of most other’s sites.

Moreover, when we process our images we do so because it serves our art, not our vanity. We do not believe in retouching, morphing, squishing, and liquefying in pursuit of some distorted ideal of feminine beauty that has been cooked up by industry moguls who really don’t like women much. If we distort, morph or squish — and we do! — we do it to serve a purpose that respects both the Art and woman who made it possible. So yes — a Muse can have crow’s feet and some do. We will not alter that.

Finally, we believe art does not flinch or balk or avert it eyes because sometimes the profound may be a little unseemly. Art can be raw, bare, startling and ever brutal; it can show us and should show us things we do not expect; things that challenge us; things that may make us squirm. We do not shy away from that.

So if you like your Eros tame, uniformly tasteful, and unfailingly elegant; if you expect the shot to drift off into a gauzy, water-color haze at a critical moment, leaving it “all to the imagination” to save your from confronting a reality either too harsh or too ecstatic, X-muse may not be a safe place for you.

We are not your typical website. We are about Art and Inspiration. We are:

· Passionate

· Playful

· Ruthless

· Ravishing

· Merciless

· Mischievous


· Uncompromising

· Unsurpassed

· Untidy

X-muse: the Cream of the Crop, the Cream in your Coffee, the Cream in your Jea… oh, uh… never mind …..

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