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August 4, 2012
On Porn — Towards a Functional Definition of the Indefinable

Code Hell has added a new ring, called MySQL. I have not yet explored it anything like fully so I cannot report on the rumored presence of any frozen lakes with a large horny fellow at the center.  In addition, my promised guide has flaked on me and I’m stuck with a cryptic book that appears to have left out some crucial bits. This is the last time I trust anyone named Virg… 

But enough about that. Given my situation and contemplating the relative merits of the firing pan vs. the fire, it seems only unreasonable to throw gas on the flame. Being this fond of unreason at times like (and getting some encouragement from a quarter I admire, though I’m not 100% confident they have my best interests at heart), that is exactly what I’m going to do:
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August 7, 2009
Michael Helms

It is our great good fortune to be able to present the work of Michael Helms to you here. If you have ventured here from deviantArt you probably know all about Michael — when it comes to nude photography, he practically owns the place — and  if the DA management had any sense they’d give him a healthy cut of their revenue for his making them look so good. But somehow I doubt they do that. So you DA users can stop now and go back to admiring Michael’s work there. 

But if you’ve come here from other reaches, you may not know about Michael and that is a damn shame. Michael is, to put it very simply, a genius. His technical virtuosity is matched by very few, but that is not the core of his genius. His understanding of light and especially color are extraordinary, but that is not the core of his genius either. 

Michael’s genius lies in the way that he can see beauty and bring it out, very gently yet very surely, in such a way as to be able to photograph it. Now it goes without saying that Michael regularly works with the most beautiful women in the world, but what is astounding is that his portraits of them transports this beauty into something very close to, and not infrequently attaining, the true Divine. That is not to say that Michael makes them more beautiful — we’ve worked with a number of the same women he has and so we know whereof we speak — but that he is able to get into a  photograph the true, undiluted nature of their beauty.

We suspect that Michael is so inspired by these extraordinary women that his inspiration, his obvious gifts, and his  wonderful character reflect back to and inspire the women he works with and in this marvelous positive feedback loop, the Divine is created.  

Someday, Michael will work with Someone We Know and a singularity of Awesomeness will develop in LA and the universe may come to a screeching halt. But no one will mind. 

Michael Helms on Deviant Art

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August 4, 2009
Erotic Art Photo Workshop by Craig Morey

UPDATED: Craig Morey is holding his next Erotic Art Photo Workshop on Sept 20, 2009! There is a substantial discount for early signups. Get more info on Craig Morey erotic ehoto workshop here.

Basic Details:
Date: Sunday, Sept 20, 2009
Time: 11:00am to 5:00pm
Location: Oakland CA, USA

This workshop is open to both amateur and professional photographers and to non-photographers. Craig will be conducting a full shoot of artistic nudes and erotic work with Amber (soon to be here on X-muse!), one of the his most popular models.

Workshop students will learn basic studio setup and lighting, camera settings, composing shots, nude image theory, and working with nude models.

Craig also tells us that he is now offering private tutorials. Opportunities to work one-on-one with a photographer of Craig’s caliber are very rare. so serious students of nude photography shoud be interested in this. Details are available by emailing him through his site.

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